Noah Thompson Hopes Winning ‘Idol’ Makes His Son ‘Proud’: ‘That’s The Whole Point’

Noah Thompson joins different unimaginable singers as the latest American Idol winner. His household, together with his 1-year-old son Walker, had been there to witness Noah be topped the new champion. “That meant the world, man, having them there,” Noah advised HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “Them being there and be a part of that moment with me, that meant the world. It really did.”

Noah Thompson
Noah Thompson with. his son, Walker. (ABC)

For the 20-year-old Kentucky native, pursuing his dream of music and profitable American Idol has been for his lovable son. “That’s the whole point for me doing this is… one day he’s going to look back on this, and I want him to look at and be like, ‘That’s my dad. That’s my dad.’ I want that to be something he can be so proud of. I think that’s what’s so beautiful about all this is, for Walker and me, this is something he’s really going to be proud of me as a dad,” the nation singer continued.

After a whirlwind few days, Noah is again in Kentucky and taking a while to “be with my family for a minute [and] just see my little boy for a second because it’s been a long time coming. I just wanted to kind of spend some time with my boy…”

However, Noah has big plans for his future. Noah plans to maneuver to Nashville as a result of “that’s where music’s at. That’s where it’s all happening. I feel like that’d be my best bet. I’m really not that far from Nashville, so I can always come back home.” During his time on Idol, he actively tried to write down new music. While at dwelling in Kentucky, he “could never find the time to sit down and write a song. So I tried to really just take that time every day when we would actually have a break for a second sit down, pick up a guitar, try to put some words down, and do some things. So I don’t know. Hopefully, you hear some new things.”

When it involves an album, Noah stated he’d “love” to launch one sometime. “That’s what I’m looking forward to doing. I’m looking forward to playing shows and doing all those things,” he advised HollywoodLife. The season got here down to 2 nation artists — Noah and HunterGirl — and he teased that “you might be hearing a duet here pretty soon on something. You might.”

Noah Thompson
Noah Thompson after profitable ‘American Idol’ season 20. (ABC)

The season 20 contestants had been a tight-knit group. Noah admitted that the producers advised him that “this is one of the best years they’ve had, and I fully believe that because we were all so just supportive of each other. We were all really rooting for each other. We wanted to see everybody go through, and we just became this little family.”

Even earlier than he received American Idol season 20, Noah’s new single “One Day Tonight” climbed to the highest of the nation music charts. Noah continues to be surprised to see how his music is resonating with followers. “It blows my mind as much as it does anybody. Like I said, I’m still processing this. I’m coming to realize this is all really happening, and this is my life now. This is what I gotta do. This is what it is,” he stated.

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