No one can stop us from rewriting historical past: Amit Shah

Historians have given prominence to Mughals at the price of Pandyas, Cholas, Mauryas, he says

Historians have given prominence to Mughals at the price of Pandyas, Cholas, Mauryas, he says

The historical past of India has been misrepresented the place prominence has been given to Mughals at the price of empires such because the Pandyas, Cholas, Mauryas, Guptas and Ahoms, and now “no one can stop us from rewriting it”, Union Home Minister Amit Shah mentioned on Friday.

“Those who have distorted our history have done what they had to. But who can stop us? History is not written on the basis of the government, but on the basis of facts. Neither is history confined to history books, but spreads its own light,” Mr. Shah mentioned on the launch of a e-book titled, Maharana: Sahastra Varsha Ka Dharma Yuddha.

The Minister mentioned that it was time to face with delight in entrance of the world, and after a number of many years “our culture is beginning to receive global acceptance”.

“Historians have only discussed the Mughal rule. The Pandya empire ruled for 800 years. The Ahom empire ruled Assam for 650 years. They (Ahoms) defeated Bakhtiyar Khalji, Aurangzeb and kept Assam sovereign. The Pallava empire ruled for 600 years. The Cholas ruled for 600 years. The Mauryas ruled the whole country — from Afghanistan to Lanka — for 550 years. The Satvahanas ruled for 500 years. The Guptas ruled for 400 years and (Gupta emperor) Samudragupta had for the first time envisioned a united India. But there is no reference book on them,” he mentioned.

The Home Minister appealed that India’s wonderful historical past should be introduced ahead in order that steadily the historical past “we think is wrong will fade away and the truth will be known”.

“Why is it that many people have heard of the Battle of Haldighati, but not many know of the Battle of Dewair?” Mr. Shah mentioned.

Neither is victory nor loss in a battle the idea of historical past, however the final result of such an incident is, Mr. Shah mentioned. As an illustration he cited Rani Padmini’s jauhar which, the Minister mentioned, continued to encourage many to face for his or her dignity. He additionally cited the revolt of 1857 in opposition to the British Empire wherein the rebels have been defeated however it shook your complete nation.


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